Android Vs. Apple

With the release of the iPhone 5 you may be finding yourself battling between Apple and Android. The war is worldwide with many people preferring the Apple iOS or the Google Android market and they are prepared to fight it out in order to get their point across.

Both of the platforms have their pros and cons and really it is down to personal choice as there is very little between them for the average user.

What’s Inside?

Apple is known to be smart, sleek and very user friendly. The operating system is kept clean and will be very easy for you to navigate. However, the Android system provides more options when it comes to customisation. If you like to make your phone your own perhaps the freedom that comes with Android is more suited to your style.

Do You Want Something Exclusive?

Exclusivity is what comes with Apple. It is hard to get an app onto iPhones. It needs to be fully approved and this is a long drawn out process that will put many developers off. If you care about the quality of the apps and go for quality over quality the Apple iOS is for you. Android on the other hand have a lot more choice, often the prices are cheaper and there are loads more freebies out there. If you do care about apps then you will be glad to know that some of the best ones will work on both the iPhone and Android handsets.

The Apple handsets are also a lot more exclusive. There are only four handsets that use the iOS which are the iPhone 3G, 4, 4s and now 5. Android on the other hand has scores of handsets available ranging greatly in price range making them a lot more accessible for all buyers.

Something for Everyone

At the end of the day it is important to consider your budget. Apple is known to be a lot more expensive, although some of the best Android handsets are just as expensive. Take a look at the design and try out the phones in a shop before you buy. You may find one fits nicely in your hand while the other feels a lot more uncomfortable. The Samsung SIII has a great design and is considered to be one of the best Android phones out there right now. If you are siding towards Apple the iPhone 5 will no doubt be your sure fire winner.

4 Responses to “Android Vs. Apple”

  1. I prefer iphone, because it will be more stable.

  2. Yeah, But iphone is more expensive.

  3. It’s worth so much, you’ll have more excellent apps on iOS, and this will save you more time, and give you more convenience.

  4. Agree with that!

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