Best Apps for Your Smartphone

With so many apps out there is can be difficult to know which the best apps really are. There are some brilliant ones out there, and if you love your apps we have five brilliant ones that will make you fall in love with your handset all over again. Whether you have an iPhone or an Android smartphone you will appreciate the brilliance of these apps. As Christmas is not to far away, why not give an app as a Christmas gift?

Five Brilliant Apps You Need to Download

  1. Fancy combining a new gadget with a new app? There are a couple of apps out there that have been designed to transform your phone into a remote control for a helicopter. The Copter Controller works with the Lightspeed ihelicopter. You can fly your helicopter without the traditional remote control and it’s a brilliant use of both the touch screen controls and the tilt control in some of the latest smartphones.
  2. Evernote is a brilliant app that helps you to access all your favourite links and images on any pc, laptop or phone. This is an app ideal for when you browse on your phone or take an image. Just store with one click to your Evernote account and then you can access all your files instantly from any other online device.
  3. FlipBoard brings together all of your social networking accounts and turns them into a smart magazine. You can add your Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and even Instagram along with some excellent magazines created by your favourite websites.
  4. iBooks or Kindle are perfect if you love to read. You can instantly download thousands of books; many are free so if you hate to spend money to read then this is the app for you. The app allows you to change the size of the font, the background colour of the paper and you can even read with the light off thanks to the built in backlight on your handset.
  5. One controversial app to be released is the uTorrent Beta. With this app you will be able to download content legally providing it doesn’t infringe on copyright. It’s free and makes downloading torrents onto your handset really easy.  A great feature is the RSS feed subscriptions, well worth a look in.

These are just five incredible apps that are well worth investigating further. Check iTunes or Google Play for these and many other brilliant apps that use the latest technology to provide you with new ways of having fun and passing the time.

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