Most people like to have a cheeky drink or two over the Christmas period and with this super Ice Maker from ThinkGizmos it will mean no longer waiting for Ice Cubes to freeze or quick trips to the shop to pick up more Ice. You can find it on Amazon USA here:

The Counter Top Ice Maker requires no plumbing as it has a built in water reservoir, just add water to it turn it on and in approximately 6 minutes you will have your first batch of Ice. The Ice Machine doesn’t stop there though, as long as it has water in it will continue to make Ice until the ice basket is full. Keeping you supplied with ice whenever it is required.

With 3 different Ice Size Selection (Small, Medium or Large) the Ice Machine can make ice for any need. In a 24-hour period the Ice Maker can make up to 26 lb of Ice as long as it is emptied when full and still has water.

A variation of this Ice Maker is also available in the UK here:

So-called “sophisticates” like to flaunt their wealth and status with a stylishly restrained Italian espresso machine to round off their interior-designed kitchens. The Beer Keg Chiller and Dispenser however does the same for the man’s man, by providing a way to “pull” a perfect pint from a sleek, shiny box which is every bit as stylish as the coffee maker. Your mates will always appreciate a beer from the fridge when they come to visit, but if you really want to knock their socks off, try them with a genuine pint of finest draught complete with a proper, foamy head for good measure. The Beer Keg Chiller holds a 5 litre keg (that’s about 9 pints for you imperial types) and chills it to perfection, ready for you to “pull” into a glass. The simple black and silver styling is sure to please the most demanding of aesthetes whilst the glass storage area at the top helps the unit double as a space saving device too. It’s win-win all round! A drip tray helps catch spills and gives you a chance to experience life as a landlord when you give the pump a quick wipe down or attach another keg. The main body of the Chiller has been double insulated to ensure your beer is cold and crisp, but also to help reduce any noise made by the refrigeration unit to almost nothing. The Beer Keg Chiller and Dispenser is perfect for impressing mates, hosting the best barbecues and for maintaining an air of suave urbanity. And for pub-perfect draught lager on tap too!


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