Oh, I could never own an iPhone. I can’t stand those touchscreen keypad thingies. Well now you can, thanks to the iOn iType Bluetooth Keyboard. This pocket-sized box of coolness packs a full 49 button QWERTY keyboard into it’s own leather carry case ready for use with your iPhone. No longer will you suffer embarrassment from sending FFS (Fat Fingered Syndrome) texts or emails as the tactile buttons of the iType provide proper feedback with every key press. And they make a nice satisfying ‘click’ each time too. The iType uses convenient Bluetooth wireless technology to send your typed messages wirelessly to the screen of your smartphone and even comes with a nifty little stand to prop your handset on when you have a little more than 140 characters to type. Built in is a super long life rechargeable lithium ion battery which offers up to 80 hours worth of power. Even cooler is the fact that your iType is compatible with almost any Bluetooth-enabled device including iPads, iPhones, iPods, Windows Mobile PDAs, the Sony PlayStation 3 and even computers with Bluetooth receivers. You can type messages, create documents, tweet and navigate the mobile internet in much the same way you would on a PC, helping to keep you productive when out and about. The iType improves the accuracy of your typing efforts and should even help you get through emails, documents and status updates faster than you previously thought possible. If you’re a really good touch typist, you can leave your phone in your bag and do it all from the keyboard without looking for maximum kudos! So for those of you longing to leave the Blackberry, or who simply loathe touchscreen keyboards, the iType is the answer you have been looking for.


The Balance Master Robot will make the perfect office companion when using your new keyboard. It can be found on Amazon UK here: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Remote-Control-Balance-Version-TG634/dp/B01LXT5RGX

Featuring five different control modes the Balance Master Robot can provide the perfect break during your busy day.

Drive him round using the included remote, if someone else in your office has one you can set them boxing against each other, using gesture control you can wow your colleagues by controlling the Balance Robot with your hand, get your Robot to hold your important items for you using his tray and balance mode and when you have your office party he can even join in with his Dance mode.

Handily everything is also included in the box so all you need to do is insert the batteries into the remote and Balance Master Robot and you’re ready to roll.

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