Pogo stick – world records (english version)


Pogo stick – world records

I have recently been using my old pogo stick again that I bought ages ago from Amazon. It is very good for losing weight and keeping fit. I was looking on the internet about some world records.


Most jumps on a pogo stick:

The most consecutive jumps on a pogo stick is 70,271 and was achieved by James Roumeliotis (USA) at Pogopalooza 10 in Washington Square Park, Manhattan, New York, USA, on 26 July 2013.


Backflips – Fred Grzybowski (USA) achieved the record for most consecutive backflips with 17 flips in a row while filming in Tokyo, Japan December 2013.

Highest jump – The highest jump on a pogo stick is 2.97 meters (9 feet 9 inches) and was achieved by Biff Hutchison (USA) at the Pogopalooza 2014 High Jump competition, at the HX festival in Helsingborg, Sweden on August 30th, 2014.

Underwater pogo sticking – After a short break, Furman set out to break his own record for underwater hula hooping. His old record for continually hula hooping underwater was 2 minutes, 20 seconds. On Wednesday he cruised past this mark to end at 2 minutes, 38 seconds.

Other records held by Furman include the fastest mile running with a milk bottle balanced on his head, the most beer glasses balanced on his chin, and the fastest mile pushing an orange with his nose.

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