Remote control fun – Boat & Robot RC Action

Remote control robot action….

My son has been playing with these 2 remote control products since he gotthem for Christmas. In case you want to buy them yourself, the remote control robot is from and the boat was from WalMart.

For my german friends, the robot is also available there:

Ferngesteuerter roboter für kinder >>>

Remote control vehicles are cool, but cars are very 90s and indoor helicopters are so 2008. What you really want is something stealthy. And boat like. Something like the Stealth Speed Boat in fact. Measuring an impressive 73cm from prow to stern, and finished in the finest, stealthiest black, this isn’t just any old RC boat either. Equipped with two ridiculously powerful electric motors, the Stealth Speed Boat can reach speeds of up to 30km/h putting many hardcore petrol-driven competitors to shame. Skimming across ponds, lakes and rivers, the Stealth Speed Boat operates within an impressive 30 metre range.

This minecraft video on RC remote-control-robotrobots is cool:

Included in the box is a rechargeable battery and mains charger which will further dismay your petrol head competitors – your Stealth Speed Boat will be much cheaper to run as well as potentially performing better! And in the event that you feel the sleek, black decks of the boat are a little “unimaginative”, there are a selection of funky waterproof decals. Go faster stripes (do you really need to go any faster?), lightning flashes and useful sporty-looking phrases will help ensure your Stealth Speed Boat turns heads. An innovative safety mechanism helps to prevent boating-related injuries when your ship is on shore; the propellers cannot be rotated when the boat is out of water, which is good news for little fingers.


And finally, a special stand is included on which to rest your Stealth Speed Boat during charging, maintenance and general quayside posing. So there you have it, stealth, speed, economical running and the chance to pose all in one, sleek, black box. Anchors aweigh!

Extra reading – society of robots:

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    If you find any other fun remote control robot toys a 9 year old may like please get in touch as it is my sons brithday next month.

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