Thanks to the genius designer behind the robot vacuum cleaner that I saw here, this is one household job that doesn’t have to be a chore. The cleaner is able to do all of the hard work for you, leaving you free to put your feet up and relax.We love the robot vacuum cleaner so much and we are very proud to have it available on the Amazon UK website.



It is a gadget which uses the latest technology which is more than just a quirky gift. It reduces the time you need to spend on your housework, and in these busy times that is definitely a gift worth receiving.

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I also like the look of the popcorn maker that I saw on Amazon UK. You can see the popcorn video here….


If you are fed up of cleaning, the Robot Vacuum Cleaner could be for you. With Christmas coming up we have made sure we have plenty of stock in as this amazing time saving gadget is proving to be extremely popular. Never again will you need to drag out the hoover and spend time making sure the floors are clean, the robot cleaner does it all for you.This is not a bulky machine; instead it is in a sleek compact design. The reason it made it onot the Paramount Zone is because it uses the latest technology, innovation and is simply one of the coolest gadgets of the year. It will make an ideal Christmas present for mums and dads, or even grans and granddads who appreciate smart design.All you have to do is program the robot vacuum cleaner to turn on at a time to suit you. It will then use its on-board computer to navigate around the room and leave clean floors behind.

Overall, this vacuum and popcorn maker are amazing Christmas present idea for 2013 and a very useful gift indeed.



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